UW alum expected to recover from hike gone wrong

35-year-old survived on snow, dried fruit, almonds in Japanese mountains
UW alum expected to recover from hike gone wrong

A University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate is grateful to be alive and is expected to fully recover from a hike gone wrong.

Michael Blodgett is alive after losing his way during a hiking trip in the mountains of Japan six days ago.

The Chicago-area native is an English teacher and spent those nights living on snow, dried fruit and almonds before finally finding his way to the monastery he’d originally intended to visit.

“At one point, he slipped and fell down 200 feet and slid down the mountain,” Michael’s mother Diane Blodgett said. “He found this abandoned hut and went inside this hut and spent the night there and went out and tried to find a route out.”

The 35-year-old’s mother said her son does have frostbite on his feet and fingers. He’s also dehydrated and he lost weight, but is happy to be alive.

Michael Blodgett and his wife are expecting their second child a few months from now.