USPS allows residents to digitally preview mail

USPS allows residents to digitally preview mail

The United States Postal Service will now let residents digitally preview their mail before it is delivered to their homes.

The new service is called informed delivery. Residents can sign up to receive daily emails with pictures of their mail. The images only show the outside of the letter-sized mail pieces, and each email will contain up to 10 black and white pictures a day.

The USPS hopes this new feature will combat the decline in mail volume, which has fallen by 59 billion over the last nine years.

“I think that this informed mail will help stabilize that [first class mail delivery] is a little bit more and show that it is an effective piece. It isn’t just something that we should get rid of totally because it does have its advantage in communication,” Bob Sheehan, USPS Customer Relations Coordinator said.

USPS also hopes this new system will prevent mail theft. By receiving emails earlier in the day, residents will be able to quickly notice if something is missing.

Sheehan said the post office already takes pictures of mail during the sorting process so this will not be an additional step for employees.

The new service is only offered to homes. Businesses and P.O. boxes are excluded.

This feature will be available to Madison residents in late April. An exact date is not scheduled.

Residents can sign up for the service here.