Upper Sugar Watershed Association plans to expand restorative work

First volunteer work day of 2020

VERONA, Wis.– The Upper Sugar Watershed Association plans to expand their restorative efforts past the Sugar River Wetlands State Natural Area to a nearby prairie this year, according to Executive Director Wade Moder.

“There’s a prairie kind of nearby that we want to join up with this area that’s just been ravished with invasive species,” Moder said. “So, hoping to get that, get those two areas combined, and incorporate as many volunteers in the process as we can.”

With help from volunteers, the association works to remove woody invasive species, including buckthorn and honeysuckle, while maintaining the native oak savannah and prairie landscapes in Verona.

The association cuts and treats the plants with herbicide during the winter and spring. When snow is on the ground, the group burns the brush piles.

The project began in Jan. 2016. Volunteers are invited to workdays on every fourth Saturday of the month.