UPDATE: Abandoned dog doing well at humane society, loves treats

PHOTOS: Community rallies behind abused dog

A dog that was found in Columbia County on Thursday afternoon abandoned and with head injuries is doing well, according to the Columbia County Humane Society.

Misty was found by four hunters in the town of Fort Winnebago zipped in a large camping-type bag, where investigators said they believed she was left to die.

According to a Facebook update posted Sunday morning, Misty has gained 1.7 pounds since being brought to the Humane Society Thursday.

Employees at the humane society said Misty loves treats, will sit for a treat and loves to sniff everything. Misty even got to go out for a short walk.

“She seems to be strong willed about where she wants to go and she loves to take charge and pull ahead on the leash,” the Facebook update said.

Misty’s owner, Terri Lynn Benson, 56, voluntarily went to the sheriff’s office because of the media coverage of the abandoned dog.