Upcycled glass jars make inexpensive gift containers

Upcycled glass jars make inexpensive gift containers

When I first started this DIY blog I decided to start saving prettier glass jars that I could upcycle and re-purpose. After about 6 months I had six that were a good size and I had been able to clean them up pretty well. The jars I upcycled ended up making the perfect container to transport the apple crisp Chex mix I made for Thanksgiving!

First I made sure all of the jars (which used to house ranch dressing, pickles, maraschino cherries and pickled beets) were clean and dry. For most of them I had to use Goo Gone to get rid of the residue from the labels, but I eventually got them clean. I also took some extra time to make sure the lids were really clean…I didn’t want any pickle smell affecting the flavor of my Chex mix!

The upcycling part was almost easier than getting the jars cleaned. I bought some spray paint in two fun colors at Menards. After laying some cardboard down so my patio table didn’t become part of the upcycling, I sprayed the covers with a hefty dose of the paint. I let each coat dry for at least six hours before checking the coverage. It seemed that the plastic covers didn’t hold the spray paint as well as the metal covers, but after six coats all six covers were a brand new color.

I decided to put a piece of wax paper between the cover and the Chex mix since my spray paint job was a little messy and I didn’t want any icky spray paint to touch the food. After two days of coating the covers with spray paint I finally had the tops to my newly upcycled food containers.

Pinterest do or don’t? If you give homemade treats away during the holidays, this is an inexpensive and creative way to deliver them. I suggest starting to save the jars at the beginning of the year, because you probably won’t go through enough pickles and condiments in just November and December to gather enough jars for the project. Also, I highly recommend using wax paper to separate the top and the treat you are delivering…just to be safe.

— Hannah