United Way’s latest community investments total more than $22M

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MADISON, Wis. — United Way invested more than $22 million in local non-profits to help with their goal of promoting family well-being throughout the local community, according to the latest numbers from the organization.

The group’s 2022 investments, which were raised throughout 2021, totaled $22,336,524. Those funds were distributed to 108 local organizations that focus on education, income, health and multi-generational well-being.

Renee Moe, President and CEO of United Way of Dane County, said their latest community campaign included new investments in health programs and strategies that look to address racial disparities in Dane County’s health care system.

“We know that quality of health care in Dane County is really exceptional, but for people who are marginalized, who have different races, different lower incomes than those of us who are able to access that quality health care, we’ve really found that there are some psychological and systemic barriers that allow people to not necessarily get access to that care in ways that really help them be the healthiest,” Moe said.

Included in those groups are Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness, Access Community Health Center and The Rainbow Project, which all focus on wellness from a variety of perspectives.

Moe added that fundraising goals haven’t yet been set for their next community campaign, but United Way is looking for community input on what issues people in the community want to see more support for.

That’s especially true as groups work to adapt to providing services during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I think coming out of this pandemic we all see a lot of division. We all see a lot of changes. We’re feeling different about how our community is safe; how the jobs are changing; how the housing market is, and the only way out is through,” Moe said. “All of us coming together, really understanding what are our goals are for the future and participating – that’s what it takes to grow our community and make our community strong.”

Anyone who wants to be a part of United Way’s ongoing conversations about community investments is invited to join the organization at their 100 Years of Impact celebration at the Orpheum Theater on March 3. More information about the event is available online.