Unconscious man found lying in pool of blood in Randolph

Police still investigating cause
Unconscious man found lying in pool of blood in Randolph

Police in the Village of Randolph are still investigating after a man was found unconscious on a city sidewalk with serious head injuries.

The Randolph Police Chief Michael Klavekoske said the man left the Pour Man’s Pub in downtown Randolph before 2 a.m. and started walking toward his home.

Klavekoske said police found the man lying in a pool of blood across the street from the police department just before 5 a.m.

“I reported for duty at 4:30 this morning. Normally it’s a real quiet time. It was a lady out walking who actually noticed him laying on the sidewalk,” Klavekoske said.

“There was no altercations, no problems, no issues,” said Sean O’Malley, a friend of the injured man. “We go home, everyone leaves safe and we’re walking home because we all live right here, and next thing you know, they find my buddy at 5 o’clock in the morning lying face down in the sidewalk, with his head beat in and his eyes … that’s disrupting for a little town like this. That’s crazy.” 

Detectives are investigating what happened along with the Randolph Village police, and Columbia and Dodge County Sheriff’s offices.

Police said they’re waiting on a doctor’s opinion about whether injuries are consistent with the fall or acquired from an assault.


The latter would set a criminal investigation in motion, police added.

Although the incident only spans a couple of blocks, the man crossed county lines as he walked home from the bar.