Ump Jerry Layne hit in head by bat

Forced to leave game between Twins, Reds

The barrel of a broken bat hit plate umpire Jerry Layne on the left side of the head Friday night, forcing him to leave a game between the Minnesota Twins and Cincinnati Reds in the fourth inning.

Devin Mesoraco’s bat cracked as he hit a grounder off Minnesota’s Nick Blackburn.

The barrel came off on Mesoraco’s follow-through and hit Layne, a 23-year veteran, on the side of the head.

He stumbled for a couple steps, then fell on his back and remained on the ground on his chest for several minutes while trainers talked to him.

Layne got to his feet with help and walked off the field. Second base umpire Bob Davidson put on the protective equipment and moved to work the plate.