UK map for leaving lockdown phases in return to work, school

Sept. 3, 2019: A rebel alliance of British lawmakers voted to seize control of the parliamentary agenda, inflicting a humiliating defeat on Prime Minister Boris Johnson and threatening to derail his Brexit plans. Johnson then announced he would seek an election rather than be forced to request another “pointless delay” to the Brexit process. He also fired 21 members of his own party who backed the bill to block a no-deal Brexit.
LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 4: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson leaves after a cabinet meeting at Downing Street on September 4, 2019 in London, England. Last night the Rebel Alliance, including 21 Conservative MPs, won a vote that allows them to take charge of the Parliament order paper today, allowing them to debate a bill to block a no deal Brexit. The Prime Minister has withdrawn the whip from the 21 rebels and they face de-selection at the next General Election. (Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)

LONDON — U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced a modest easing of the country’s coronavirus lockdown and outlined his government’s road map for further lifting restrictions in the coming months.

In a televised address to the nation broadcast Sunday night, Johnson said people in manufacturing jobs and others who can’t work from home “should be actively encouraged to go to work” this week.

He said that starting Wednesday, a limit on outdoor exercise to once a day will be lifted and people will be able to take “unlimited amounts.”

The prime minister stressed that social distancing guidelines still will have to be observed. Johnson spent a week in the hospital receiving treatment for COVID-19.