Two Women Find Themselves in Madison Author’s Debut Novel

Two Women Find Themselves in Madison Author’s Debut Novel

When a reality show gives away a luxury home on the coast of Maine, two women with the same name, both from Cedar Falls, Iowa, show up to claim it in The Good Luck Girls of Shipwreck Lane (Thomas Dunne Books, $24.99).

Which Janine Brown will get to keep the house? Will it be Janey, a painfully shy recluse whose gourmet cooking obsession is an escape from deep personal grief? Or Nean, whose abusive boyfriend is one more extension of a childhood spent in foster care due to a drug-addicted mother?

When their lives collide in Maine, Janey and Nean discover far more than a fully furnished ocean view and dream kitchen. With the help of a stellar cast including Janey’s outrageous great-aunt, Midge, and new romantic interests, they get an opportunity to find themselves.

Love, lies, food, and past and present triumphs and sorrows deliciously intertwine in Madison author Kelly Harms’s debut novel about accepting second chances.

Karyn Saemann is a Madison-based freelance editor and book reviewer.