Two missing Edgerton teens will be reported as runaways

Teens went missing on Wednesday
Two missing Edgerton teens will be reported as runaways

The Edgerton teens who police spent all day searching for on Thursday will be reported to Juvenile authorities as runaways, according to police.

Authorities will then determine the appropriate punishment for Derek Siefken and Emma Hansen, the two missing 13-year-olds who have been found safe.

Siefken and Hansen left their homes Wednesday and were reported missing.

Shortly after 5 p.m. Thursday, Siefken called his parents and said he and Hansen were coming home.

Edgerton police said they located the teens at about 5:11 p.m. Thursday in the area of 197 Highway N, between Edgerton and Stoughton. Police said the teens were safe and have been turned over to their parents.

Police had said that through text messages left with friends and phone conversations, they believed one or both of the teens might have been at risk.

Worried family members were out putting missing fliers on store windows. Siefken’s father was searching in downtown Stoughton on Thursday and putting up fliers.

“We’ve been everywhere we could possibly think he could be with fliers. (We’ve talked to) friends, anybody that could help us,” said Jeff Siefken.

Wendy Hansen-Haines, the girl’s mother, said that disappearing isn’t something her daughter has done before.


“This is the first time ever (that) Emma’s left,” Hansen-Haines said. “I mean, not even for an hour has she left without telling me. So, this is very out of character for her.”

The search for the teens began in Edgerton, but a tip on Thursday brought multiple agencies to Highway N, a road linking Edgerton and Stoughton.

“We got a report and a sighting (on Highway N) of the two teens we’ve been looking for and concerned about,” said Edgerton Police Chief Tom Klubertanz.

Hansen-Haines said a woman found the two teens on her property in the same area that authorities had been looking for them.

Hansen-Haines said she is relieved that other than being a little dehydrated, the teens are OK.

“(Emma is) a little muddy, like up to her knees almost, and there is all sorts of stuff in her hair. I think a shower is the first thing she’s going to want. While she’s in the shower, I’d better be making some dinner because I know the next thing she’s going to want is some food,” Hansen-Haines said.

It’s still unclear why the two teens left home, but Hansen-Haines said the family will deal with that Friday. She said they are celebrating their safe return Thursday night.

“It doesn’t matter because she’s here. Anything that’s upsetting her or troubling her, we can deal with because she’s here with us,” Hansen-Haines said.

Parents said the teens were a couple in the past.

Police said Thursday evening that they believe this was a runaway situation but didn’t release any more details. 

Edgerton police have spoken with the teens but aren’t saying what the teens told them. Police haven’t said what action, if any, they will take because of the resources they used to search for the teens.