Two fundraisers help raise money for U’Ren family

Two fundraisers help raise money for U’Ren family

Residents of two communities are continuing efforts to raise money for twin boys who lost their parents last month in a car accident.

Kirk U’Ren and Jenni Steiner died from injuries they suffered in a car accident last month on Highway 30 .

U’Ren’s hometown of Mineral Point is rallying behind the family during their Dick Poad Youth Basketball tournament to raise money.

U’ren played in the tournament when he was a child. His former teammate, Frank McGettigan and other former Mineral Point teammates plan to honor him at this year’s event.

“He was our emotional leader, he is the one who got us fired up. “f we weren’t doing right, he let us know. He held us all to a standard and made sure we lived (up) to it,” McGettigan said.

During the tournament there will be a silent action, raffle and t-shirt sale to raise money for the family. McGrettigan said he is overwhelmed with all the support the effort has received. Community members donated 160 items for the event.

“It’s going to be a fun day. It’s going to be a hard day. I think we are probably going to go through the full gamut of emotions throughout the day. When someone is good to other people and they touch the lives of someone else, whether it’s even one person, you’ve made a difference, and Kirk has obviously done a lot of things in his life that have touched a lot of people,” he said.

Even those who don’t know U’ren are looking to help. Culver’s in Cottage Grove, where the family lives, is donating 50 percent their of their sales Sunday to the family.

“Seeing the tragedy that has impacted this family and the community and seeing the support that the community has provided for the family, is amazing. To see that people out there still do care and they do want to help out … we figured this is a way we can help reach that family,” Nicolas Burt, Culver’s Cottage Grove manager, said.