‘Two-for-one’: Vaccinators offering flu shot with COVID-19 boosters

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

MADISON, Wis. – When people go in for their COVID-19 booster vaccines, there’s a good chance they’ll walk away with another shot, as well.

Now that COVID-19 boosters are more widely approved, more appointments are being booked. Vaccinators such as UW Health are offering flu shots along with boosters at some clinics.

“Things are constantly changing with new vaccination eligibilities and boosters and everyone is recommended to call ahead or schedule online for both COVID and flu, which do need to be scheduled separately,” a UW Health spokesperson said.

“I look at it as two-for-one, pull up your sleeves, do one shot in one arm and one in another and then you’re done,” said Dr. Sandy Kamnetz, vice chair of clinical care at UW Health.

Kamnetz said getting both shots at once still works, just like when children are vaccinated against multiple things at one time such as chicken pox and measles.

The flu shot is just as important as the COVID shot, Kamnetz said. The flu season will likely be more prominent this season than last, with less restrictions and children back in school.

“So we have no idea what the flu season’s really going to look like,” she said. “The other part is, how do you tell the difference between the flu and COVID?”

Getting both shots can prevent that confusion. When it’s tough to tell the difference between COVID and the flu, that can delay treatment.

Flu shots are available for children six months and older, and experts say the best time to get one is before the end of October.