Two challenges claim Kanye West’s nomination papers should be voided

Kanye West

MADISON, Wis. — Kanye West is facing two challenges claiming that his presidential nomination papers should be voided.

One of the complaints claims that West’s nomination papers were not turned in on time, West failed to list his actual address of residence and the circulator’s address was not included on some pages, which goes against a state statute.

The second of the complaints claims that circulators of West’s papers misrepresented the nature of the papers, some signers provided false addresses and some people signed multiple times or used fake names.

The second complaint also claims that West’s papers are “legally insufficient to qualify Mr. West … for inclusion on the ballot for the Nov. 3, 2020 election.”

Both complaints were filed with the Wisconsin Elections Commission on Friday.

A former attorney for the Wisconsin Republican Party who dropped off West’s nomination papers this week didn’t immediately return a message Friday.

Democrats allege Republicans are aiding West’s candidacy to siphon votes from Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Both challenges are available in their entirety below.

Challenge Complaint_Santeler v. West

Challenge Complaint_Brent v. West