Try natural wine to avoid wine headaches

Stop whining about wine headaches
Try natural wine to avoid wine headaches
Pixabay photo by Epicantus

Red wine giving you a headache? Sulfites could be the reason. Give a natural wine a try. It has minimal sulfites, if any. Caitlin Suemnicht is proud of the natural and small-grower wine list at Everly on Monroe Street in Madison. The inspiration for Food Fight’s 19th venture was sun-soaked California, with a focus on healthier cuisine that’s flavorful, fresh and seasonal. And the wine menu supports the up-and-coming central coast region of California, including Mendocino, Paso Robles and the Monterey area. In that region, Suemnicht says, winemakers are growing lesser-known varietals on small-acreage plots. Most of the wines at Everly are natural, meaning there are little if any sulfites, and the yeast is natural from the air and not lab-produced since cultivated organically or biodynamically. These wines are not filtered and therefore may have some sediment at the bottom of the bottle, adding more flavor.