Reality Check: Trump repeats false claim about National Guard in Wisconsin campaign ad

A new ad from President Donald Trump repeats false claims about his role in Kenosha.

The 30-second spot attacks Joe Biden, and it ran just hours after the president wrapped up a trip to Wisconsin.

Claim: “Biden and the radical left’s weak response has led to chaos and violence.”

Reality Check rating: Needs context

Biden has condemned the violence – in Kenosha and other places – but the timeline is key, too.

Police shot Jacob Blake on a Sunday. The following Wednesday came Biden’s tweet saying, “Needless violence won’t heal us.”

“Burning down communities is not protest, it’s needless violence,” the former vice president said in a video message attached to the tweet.

In May, George Floyd was killed on a Monday. Protests started Tuesday. Biden’s statement came the following Saturday, saying in part, “The act of protesting should never be allowed to overshadow the reason we protest.”


Claim: “President Trump is making it stop, sending National Guard and federal law enforcement.”

Reality Check rating: False, True

This has two parts.

It’s false that Trump sent in the National Guard.

Wisconsin’s Maj. Gen. Paul Knapp addressed this when reporters asked on Monday.

Reporter: “Sir, what role if any did the White House have in sending the National Guard members to Kenosha?”

Knapp: “So the White House rolled in and has talked a lot about sending National Guard members in, and what I want to re-emphasize is that the process is actually a governor to governor compact, through the (Emergency Management Assistance Compact) process. We had already started talking to other states. That’s one of the things we do right away during something like this. It’s a common practice and expected, and so that’s how that went.”

The governor’s office told News 3 Now Trump didn’t contact Gov. Tony Evers until Tuesday afternoon.

On Wednesday, Evers accepted help from the U.S. Marshall’s office and the FBI, which makes it true Trump did send in federal law enforcement, just not the National Guard.