Truax Field neighbors, lawmakers continue to speak out against F-35 jets in Madison

MADISON, Wis. — People who are against F-35 fighter jets being based at Truax Field in Madison are not giving up their fight, even as plans move ahead.

“We say no, we say no to this project, this is the wrong location for F-35s,” State Sen. Kelda Roys said.

Democratic lawmakers joined community leaders to repeat their belief the family-oriented neighborhood surrounding Truax Field would be affected in multiple ways. They claim the jets would increase noise in the area, and could have other environmental impacts.

“What we’re facing here is not noise, it’s harm,” said Eken Park resident Omar Poler. “Our community here in Eken Park is being sacrificed for F-35s that are immoral in every possible way.”

A 2019 report by the U.S. Air Force says there could be a significant increase in noise on the city’s north side as a result of the jets, but the report also shows no significant impacts to air or land quality in the Truax area.

After years of planning and protests, the Air Force decided last year to house the F-35s at Truax Field. The 115th Fighter Wing began awarding the first contracts for work to prepare for the F-35 arrival in April of this year.