Troy Dean’s Daze Entertainment Basketball Heats Up

Troy Dean’s Daze Entertainment Basketball Heats Up

What is Daze Entertainment Basketball?
Daze Entertainment Basketball is the number-one entertainment basketball team in the Midwest. You can think of us as a modern-day Harlem Globetrotters. We specialize in assembly, charity, benefit and fundraiser games.

Why did you decide to start the group?
Daze was started because at the time the StreetBall world was hot, with a TV show on ESPN with AND1 players, but they very rarely came around Wisconsin. So Snake (Jesse Muench) and I came up with a team of guys who bring something unique (dunking, crazy ball handling). We’ve been going strong since 2007.

Tell us about your teammates.
We are unique because each player has a different background—we range from teachers to business owners and all other walks of life. We also have players who have been featured on HBO, in the Guinness Book of World Records and in a number of NBA halftime shows.

How has Daze changed over the years?
When we started, our name was Daze StreetBall Crew, but some people were thinking we were going to bring a rough style of basketball to their school, so we changed our name to Daze Entertainment Basketball. The name says it all: We are an entertainment basketball team. We are also a lot pickier about what players we bring on our team because we not only want skilled players, we also want positive role models on our team.

What do you hope people get from seeing one of your games?
That they walk away entertained and [the game is] something they will talk about for a very long time. If we can be a positive influence in a kid’s life, we are doing our job. We are the most fan-friendly team you’ll ever come across. We pride ourselves on putting on a show you’ll never forget.

What’s next for your team?
We are always looking for new schools, businesses and community centers to bring us in for events.

For more information on the team and its schedule, visit Daze Entertainment Basketball’s website.