Trouble finding certain products at the grocery store? You’re not alone.

From grocery giants to local chains, Wisconsin stores are once again struggling to keep their shelves stocked.

MADISON, Wis.– It feels like deja vu: grocery stores once again running out of certain products.

“It’s not as though it’s one or two products,” Brandon Scholz, President of the Wisconsin Grocer’s Association explained. “It’s anything.”

Tim Metcalfe, owner of Metcalfe’s Market, has seen it too. Paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and bottles of water are once again in short supply at his Madison-based stores.

“We might not have Dasani,” Metcalfe said. “But we do have ‘Everyday Essential.’ There’s always product available. It might just be a different brand.”

Part of the problem is increased demand: Grocery sales are up about 14% nationally from this time two years ago. But it’s also the result of a supply chain issue.

“Manufacturers have a lot of the same challenges,” Scholz said. “Whether it’s hiring enough people or getting enough raw materials, their ability to produce, their ability to ship. Do they even have enough people to drive trucks?”

This fall, Scholz said shoppers can expect each trip to the grocery store to be hit-or-miss.

“It really depends on what the manufacturers and suppliers can get you,” Scholz noted, adding that overall, you shouldn’t have trouble finding produce, frozen foods, or liquor. But soda, soup, and canned meat? The ongoing aluminum shortage is making those products hard to come by.

“One more comforting thing is that grocers have been through this. We all have. This is not new. We have a bit of a playbook,” Scholz said.

“We are proud we have worked to serve our community this whole time,” Metcalfe added.