Trial dates set for family members accused of abuse

Each will face trial separately
Trial dates set for family members accused of abuse

Trial dates are set for family members of a Madison teen who wasted away to 68 pounds after her parents, according to prosecutors, locked her in the basement and denied her food.

The girl’s father, Chad Chritton, and stepmother, Melinda Drabek-Chritton, are accused of denying the girl food and forcing her to live in the basement.

The two face felony counts of causing a child mental harm, failing to protect a child, false imprisonment, child neglect, reckless endangerment, child abuse and child neglect.

Chritton’s trial is scheduled for Feb. 25.  Drabek-Chritton’s trial is scheduled for April 8.

The girl told police the couple had kept her confined to the basement of their Treichel Street home since 2006 and that they beat her, starved her and forced her to eat feces.

The victim was 15 years old when a driver spotted her wandering barefoot in pajamas outside near her home on Madison’s southeast side and called police. The driver said the teen was so scrawny, he mistook her for an 8-year-old.

Trial dates set for family members accused of abuse

The girl’s stepbrother, Joshua P. Drabek, also has been charged with sexually assaulting her. His trial is scheduled for Jan. 7.

All three have pleaded not guilty to all of the counts.

A Dane County judge also said the victim, now age 16, will testify at each of the trials.

A defense motion for a change of venue was denied.