Trek talk, closing arguments in governor’s race

Trek talk, closing arguments in governor’s race
Mary Burke and Scott Walker

It was a day of attacks and closing arguments on the trail with the candidates for governor.

Gov. Scott Walker and challenger Mary Burke were traveling in the eastern part of the state along the I-43 corridor Thursday.

Burke stopped at Molded Dimensions in Port Washington to tour the facility. She answered questions about recent allegations that she was fired from her job at Trek Bicycle and going after those who shared the story, including former Trek president Tom Albers and Human Resources Director Gary Ellerman.

“These are complete lies and fabrications,” Burke said. “Tom has an axe to grind, Gary Ellerman has an axe to grind with Trek, and it just shows Scott Walker is not going to stop at anything.”

Burke said her position was eliminated in a re-organization and stands by her performance at Trek. She said the issue is not a distraction from her closing argument.

“I’m here today touring Molded Dimensions, and it is about continuing to get my message out,” Burke said. “I’m certainly happy to answer any questions about this, but these are lies and the voters should look at my track record of exactly what I have accomplished.”

Walker was down the road about 30 minutes in Sheboygan and toured Polyfab Corp. He argued he was not behind the Trek story and that Burke hasn’t been properly vetted.

“Any other candidate at any other time in this state’s history wouldn’t have made it through the primary with the kind of scrutiny that it would have warranted here,” Walker said. “You all cover things like my thumb way more than you cover my opponent. You cover the bald spot on my head more than you cover my opponent.”

Walker said in the final days, though, that he’s focused on finishing his campaign strong.

“Wipe that whole story off the table and I think we make a convincing case with or without that, that her whole campaign in the last year since October 2013 has overwhelmingly been based on what she’s against,” Walker said.

The campaigning continues Friday with both candidates spending time in the central part of the state near Wausau. Walker is expected to appear at a stop in Schofield with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.