Transform your workout in 2020 with area businesses

This new year, make a resolution that will be revolutionary in achieving a new you.
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Orange Shoe Personal Fitness

January 2020 is not just the start of a new year, it’s the dawn of a new decade – the perfect time to consider a revolutionary approach to a healthy lifestyle. This special section is a place to get ideas and tips on exercise habits and improving your health and well-being. Hear from local fitness experts and athletes on advice that will inspire you to pursue the healthy lifestyle you’ve been wanting. This new year, make a resolution that will be revolutionary in achieving a new you. We have what you need to get started.

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The ways your scale lies with DexaFitperson in a scanner
Those numbers on the scale are not the whole truth. But science-backed technology is available that provides real insight into our bodies to better help us reach our health and fitness goals. By taking advantage of tests that are medical-grade, we can get a better grasp of our weight, fitness and overall health.

Take Flyght with Dragonfly Hot Yoga & Flyght Cycletwo people highfiving on fitness bikes with one person in the background
Megan Tucker, owner of Dragonfly Hot Yoga and Flyght Cycle, says she’s walked into plenty of studios where she felt judged and unwelcome by other clients and staff. After moving back to Madison and never finding a home studio, she thought: “I’m going to create a yoga studio where fellow Midwesterners, my family and friends, feel welcomed and accepted.”

Be a Part of the Equation with Sports AdvantEdge
Brian Bott has been a performance strength coach for 20 years. He has worked with professional football players like Russell Wilson, Gabe Carimi and Travis Frederick. Athletes walk through the door at Sports AdvantEdge and leave with state championships under their belt.

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Brady Greco
Yoga Instructor, @bgrecyogimongrady greco doing a yoga pose

Kellian Kiron
Owner of The Barre Code Madison, @kellianlouisekellion kiron kicking high with her foot

Lisa Feran
Body Transformation Specialist, Owner of Custom Fitness Specialists, @lisaferanfitnessLisa Feran

3 Keys to Combat Winter Gym Doldrums with Basecamp Fitnessgroup of people on bikes
Taylor Westrick of Basecamp Fitness says the most common reasons people quit going to the gym are time, motivation and not having a plan. To help you overcome these challenges, Westrick offers the following recommendations.

Give boxing a shot with Canvas Club Boxing and Harbor Athletic Clubperson standing to box
Boxing allows your mind to focus on one task in one moment. Using the full weight of your body to hit your partner’s padded hand doesn’t allow for outside thoughts.

The power of Accountability with Orange Shoe Personal Fitness Franchisingteam at orange shoe personal fitness
Katie Michel is a mother of four, a personal trainer and the CEO of Orange Shoe Personal Fitness Franchising, which has six locally owned locations right here in Dane County, and yet she still finds time to work out a minimum of three days per week.

Changing the Face of Fitness with Barre3two fitness instructors with weights
Enter barre3 at 2560 University Ave. and you’ll notice a plush carpet with a communal sitting area. Clients are encouraged to relax and lounge at the hot tea bar.