Transcending Politics

Christie's praise is refreshing and heartening.
Transcending Politics



There is obviously some risk of overdoing New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s comments praising President Obama’s response to the devastation Superstorm Sandy caused on the East Coast. After all folks including the President have been doing what they’re supposed to do, Mitt Romney respectfully curtailed his campaign efforts, and rightly or wrongly plenty of people have still tried to interject politics into the storm and its results.

But because it so rare these days, and because Gov. Christie is unabashedly conservative, his heart-felt, warm and gracious praise for the President was both refreshing and heartening. Yes, in fact, citizens and public safety providers and local officials have come together as one regardless of politics or anything else to help and support each other. But we just so rarely see someone of the stature of Gov. Christie resist the opportunity to play an event this closely watched for political gain. Our respect for the Governor has grown considerably. He is showing leadership, grace and wisdom. We hope it catches on.