Trail Camera Captures Cougar Outside Mauston

The state Department of Natural Resources said a photo of a cougar taken in Juneau County is legitimate.

The agency said two DNR wildlife biologists verified the photo, taken by a trail camera Sunday night.

The DNR said the photo shows a young adult cougar moving against a nighttime background of native grasses.

The camera was located more than two miles north of Mauston.

DNR officials learned of the photo on Friday. The landowner hadn’t checked the camera for several days, but a time stamp established when the photo was taken.

DNR wildlife biologist Adrian Wydeven said it’s likely a male cougar in search of new territory.

It’s the seventh time a trail camera has captured a cougar in Wisconsin, although three of the instances probably involved the same cougar.

Last summer, the DNR investigated several reports of horses and livestock being injured by cougars in Juneau County.

State and federal wildlife officials investigated but were unable to confirm the attacks were caused by a cougar.