Town of Beloit to file petition to incorporate

Town of Beloit to file petition to incorporate

The town of Beloit is beginning the process of establishing itself as the village of Riverside Monday, according to the Beloit Daily News .

Attorney Stan Riffle is set to file an incorporation petition for the town to the Rock County Circuit Court. Two hundred town residents signed the petition, which required at least 50 signatures.

The Beloit Daily News reported that this change may have caused conflict between the city of Beloit and the town of Beloit over agreements about boundaries.

If the town were to incorporate, part of the town could remain a town, while another section of the town would become a village. There are multiple processes the town could undergo to increase the reach of the village title, like annexing land or creating agreements between governments regarding public works, police and fire resources.

The next steps in the process depend on if the Rock County Circuit Court approves the petition. If it does, the town could submit an application to the Wisconsin Department of Administration and get a referendum approved through a vote.

The town administrator told the Beloit Daily News that a referendum could even happen in November 2018, or a spring 2019 election.