Top WIAA executives paid 6-figure salaries

Top WIAA executives paid 6-figure salaries

Tax records show the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association paid its top six executives a total of $1 million last year.

That’s up 72 percent from 2001 tax filings.

The WIAA receives most of its funding from operating the state’s annual athletic tournaments. Those events generated $7.6 million last year from ticket sales, broadcast rights, sponsorships and other sources.

Nonprofit tax records reviewed by USA Today Network-Wisconsin show WIAA Executive Director Dave Anderson is paid a base salary of $162,000, plus $78,000 in benefits, which include retirement contributions. Anderson says the WIAA salaries are approved by a board of school officials and reflect industry rates.

Anderson, four directors under him and an association spokesman each receive a six-figure salary and more than $57,000 in benefits.