Top Doctors 2008

Top Doctors 2012

When Madison Magazine put out the call for Dane County physicians to name top doctors in 59 medical specialties, over 400 logged onto to vote for the best of their peers—the docs they’d see or send their loved ones to if they needed care. Here’s who they picked.

*Michael M. Miller, Meriter Medical Group

Michael F. Fleming, UW Health

*William W. Busse, UW Health

*Robert F. Lemanske Jr., UW Health

*J. Brent Kooistra, Dean

*James E. Gern, UW Health

Scott R. Springman, UW Health

Robert J. Schultz, Dean

*Douglas B. Coursin, UW Health

Tracy P. Cotter, Dean

Thomas M. Pellino, Madison Anesthesiology Consultants

*Carolyn L. Bell, UW Health

Michael B. Walsh, UW Health

Kevin M. McKown, UW Health

*Matthew R. Wolff, UW Health

John M. Phelan, Dean

*W. Gene Musser, UW Health

*James H. Stein, UW Health

David P. Rakel, UW Health

Nancy Selfridge, GHC

Kenneth Wood, UW Health

James Couser, Dean

Charles A. Weber, UW Health

*John P. Schilling, UW Health

Eric R. Berg, UW Health

*Robert A. McDonald, Dean

*George T. Reizner, UW Health

Darren B. Bean (deceased), UW Health

Joseph R. Cline, UW Health

Michael K. Kim, UW Health

*Diane F. Elson, UW Health

Paul M. Reber, Dean

Melissa Meredith, UW Health

Paul A. Bekx, Monroe Clinic

Debra Shenoi, GHC

Ann Stein, GHC

Russell J. Hermus, Dean

*Mark Reichelderfer, UW Health

Susan M. Lepinski, UW Health

Abigail Christiansen, Dean

*David T. Watts, UW Health

Steven R. Barczi, UW Health

Sanjay Asthana, UW Health

David S. Wargowski, UW Health

Cecelia Bellcross, certified genetics counselor, Dean

*Jon A. Wolff, UW Health

*Eliot C. Williams, UW Health

*Brad Kahl, UW Health

*Walter L. Longo, UW Health

Ray Kimura, Meriter Medical Group

Bradley J. Schmidt, Dean

John B. Butler, Dean

*Santiago Hernandez, Dean

Pamela Heilman, GHC

Theodore Haglund, GHC

Kristen L. Knoepke, GHC

Dennis G. Maki, UW Health

James M. Levin, Dean

Barry C. Fox, UW Health

*Bennett S. Vogelman, UW Health

Deborah Williams, GHC

David Eckerle, GHC

Holly Benson, GHC

Frank R. Greer, UW Health

Julie M. Kessel, UW Health

Pamela J. Kling, UW Health

Mary E. Bussey, Neonatal Resources of Wisconsin

Edward R. Ahrens, Madison Area Renal Specialists *

Bryan N. Becker, UW Health

Kim Trostel, Madison Area Renal Specialists

Brad R. Beinlich, UW Health

*Frederick S. Edelman, UW Health

Michael M. Frucht, Dean

Charles E. Miley, Dean

*Bermans Iskandar, UW Health

*Robert J. Dempsey, UW Health

Todd T. Trier, Dean

Jeffery E. Masciopinto, Dean

*Klaus D. Diem, UW Health

Lori Wendricks House, Dean

Barbara J. O’Connell, UW Health

Gregory D. Bills, UW Health

*Ellen M. Hartenbach, UW Health

David M. Kushner, UW Health

Joseph P. Connor, UW Health

Laurel W. Rice, UW Health

*Brad S. Kahl, UW Health

*Walter L. Longo, UW Health

David L. Hei, UW Health

Thomas A. McFarland, UW Health

Michael S. Frontiera, Dean

James Stewart, Formerly with UW Health; now retired

*Minesh P. Mehta, UW Health

*Paul M. Harari, UW Health

Deepak Khuntia, UW Health

*David M. Mahvi, Formerly with UW Health; now out of area

Sharon M. Weber, UW Health

*Gregg A. Heatley, UW Health

John E. Temprano, UW Health

*John A. Vukich, Dean

John P. Heiner, UW Health

Timothy J. Docter, Dean

Kurt M. Rongstad, UW Health

*Thomas A. Zdeblick, UW Health

*Diane G. Heatley, UW Health

*Greg K. Hartig, UW Health

Thomas R. Pasic, UW Health

*Timothy J. Shaw, UW Health

*Miroslav Backonja, UW Health

Nathan J. Rudin, UW Health

James F. Cleary, UW Health

William Rock, HospiceCare Inc.

Toby C. Campbell, UW Health

Matthew D. LoConte, UW Health & HospiceCare Inc.

Chen-Kang Chang, Associated Pathologists

Gholam Reza Hafez, UW Health

Shahriar M. Salamat, UW Health

Alison Craig, GHC

Arnie Benardette, GHC

Mala Mathur, GHC

*Timothy J. Chybowski, UW Health

*Carol A. Diamond, UW Health

*Paul M. Sondel, UW Health

*Diane Puccetti, UW Health

Susan R. Davidson, Dean

Katharina S. Stewart, UW Health

David S. Dowell, Dean

Richard C. Schramm, Dean

Floriane D’Oleire, GHC

David V. Skripka, UW Health

Michael Witkovsky, GHC

James Couser Jr., Dean

*John P. Schilling, UW Health

Charles A. Weber, UW Health

Richard D. Cornwell, UW Health

Nizar N. Jarjour, UW Health

Deborah L. McLeish, UW Health

James W. Leonard, UW Health

Courtney Hogendorn, Meriter Medical Group

*David L. Olive, Wisconsin Fertility Institute

Elizabeth A. Pritts, Wisconsin Fertility Institute

Kathryn L. Middleton, Dean

Ruth M. Benca, UW Health

Mary E. Klink, UW Health

*Thomas A. Zdeblick, UW Health

Craig A. Dopf, UW Health

James W. Leonard, UW Health

*David T. Bernhardt, UW Health

David Gronski, Dean

*Ben K. Graf, UW Health

Lee D. Kaplan, Formerly with UW Health; now out of area

Justin A. Sattin, UW Health

Douglas A. Dulli, UW Health

Ross L. Levine, UW Health

*Michael J. Garren, UW Health

Jon C. Gould, UW Health

Paul E. Huepenbecker, Dean

*Niloo M. Edwards, UW Health

Haywood S. Gilliam, Meriter Medical Group

Douglas L. Cowgill, Dean

Khorso (Ed) Adib, Meriter Medical Group

Kenneth E. Levin, Dean

*Charles P. Heise, UW Health

BD Bruce A. Harms, UW Health

*Susan I. Toth, UW Health

Ronald D. Wenger, Dean

Roland J. Vega, UW Health

Stefan V. Zachary, UW Health

Matthew Bliss, Dean

Venkat K. Rao, UW Health

*Richard H. Lange, UW Health

Timothy J. Docter, Dean

Richard W. Glad, Dean

David A. Wolff, Dean

John P. Heiner, UW Health

*Michael L. Bentz, UW Health

Karol Gutowski, UW Health

Bradley L. Manning, UW Health

*Tracey Weigel, UW Health

Douglas L. Cowgill, Dean

James D. Maloney, UW Health

*Stuart J. Knechtle, Formerly with UW Health; now out of area

*Anthony M. D’Alessandro, UW Health

*Hans W. Sollinger, UW Health

Yolanda T. Becker, UW Health

Lee D. Faucher, UW Health

Michael J. Schurr, UW Health

Kenneth A. Kudsk, UW Health

Richard M. Reich, UW Health

Elaine Rosenblatt, nurse practitioner, UW Health

James M. Levin, Dean

*Stephen Y. Nakada, UW Health

*John V. Kryger, UW Health

Adam C. Tierney, Dean

Lynn Hahnfeld, Dean

*David F. Jarrard, UW Health

* These doctors are also included in the Best Doctors of America Database, property of Best Doctors, Inc. The database includes over 40,000 doctors in more than 40 medical specialties. Madison Magazine‘s Top Docs represents only a portion of the Madison-area doctors in the database. For more information, call 800.675.1199 or visit

Madison-area doctors work for and in a wide variety of settings—from large health care organizations to small independent groups, from outlying clinics to downtown hospitals. Be sure to look up a Top Doc to see exactly where they do their award-winning work.

Associated Pathologists251.6100

Dean Health System252.8000

Group Health Cooperative828.4853

HospiceCare Inc.276.4660

Madison Anesthesiology Consultants267.6676

Madison Area Renal Specialists229.7221

Meriter Medical Group417.6000

Monroe Clinic608.324.2000

Neonatal Resources of Wisconsin 251.6100

UW Health 821.4819

Wisconsin Fertility Institute 824.0075

American Family Children’s Hospital890.8000

Meriter Hospital417.6000

St. Mary’s Hospital251.6100

UW Hospital & Clinics263.6400

William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital256-1901