Top 10 Madison Magazine articles of 2020

As we turn the page into a new year, we wanted to share some of our favorite stories from 2020.
Noah Anderson stands in front of Orpheum
Photo by Ian Kpachavi

This year, Madisonians were faced were numerous challenges due to the pandemic. At Madison Magazine, our staff members consistently pivoted to share stories impacting our community.

As we turn the page into a new year, we wanted to share some of our favorite stories from 2020.

1. Big Young Voices – August 2020
In Madison and across the nation, Black youth are making their voices heard.

Noah Anderson standing in front of the Orpheum Theater

Photo by Ian Kpachavi

2. A Career in Words – October 2020
After 20 years working with the magazine, former editorial director says goodbye in his final column.

Neil Heinen

Photo by Sharon Vanorny

3. How dogs, nature, baking and finding purpose help us cope with stress – July 2020
The spread of COVID-19 has forced us to protect our physical health using extraordinary measures. At the same time, stress, grief and fear have crept into our everyday lives, making our mental health just as vulnerable. We’ve found big and small ways to cope in quarantine.

Maggie with Sully

Photo by Nikki Hansen

4. The Future of Madison’s “Epiconomy” – October 2020
Our town has hooked its star to the software giant’s success. But what happens when founder Judith Faulkner leaves?

Epic Opener

Illustration by Tommy Washbush

5. Amy’s Impact – February 2020
Amy Gannon was a catalyst, a true mover and shaker, and her work made so many other people’s work possible. Maggie Ginsberg reflected on her immeasurable impact on the community.

Amy Gannon in an open spot

Nikki Hansen

6. Voices of Resilience – June 2020
Everything we love about this city has been affected by this virus. At the same time every challenge with which we were struggling to be an even better Madison is now viewed through a very different lens.

Ray Mawst painting a mural that says "This Too Shall Pass"

Photo by Patrick Stutz

7. The Ghosts of Lost Live Performances – September 2020
Tony Evers’ executive order shook local performance groups to their artistic and economic cores. Entire theatrical and musical seasons were abandoned and large city events were either canceled, scaled back or conducted online.

the stage at overture with the set of wicked on it

Photo by Patrick Stutz

8. Grow It Yourself – June 2020
What if you could step outside your backdoor to find the most delicious food in town? If you start a small garden, you could be enjoying fresh, delicious vegetables all summer long. But there are a few things to think about before you start digging.

tomatoes on bread

Photo by Heather Lynch

9. Closed Doors – May 2020
As the coronavirus spread throughout the country, local restaurants had to find new ways to operate.

Virginie Ok staring out of a window at La Kitchenette

Photo by Nikki Hansen

10. MADison Magazine – January 2020
In this eight-page section, we take a self-deprecating look at Madison Magazine and our namesake city while paying tribute to MAD magazine, which set the gold standard for pop culture and political satire.