Tony Robinson family urging peace during ‘Youth & Unity Summit’

Tony Robinson family urging peace during ‘Youth & Unity Summit’

Tony Robinson’s family urged thousands attending the Dane County Boys & Girls Club’s ‘Youth & Unity Summit’ to remain peaceful in the days leading up District Attorney Ismael Ozanne’s decision whether to indict Madison officer Matt Kenny in the shooting death of Tony Robinson.

“My family, my children, you all are growing up in a different world,” said Robinson’s mother Andrea Irwin. “And I understand it’s scary. The fear that each one of you face, but as a community, as young people, and the older people, we’re coming together and we’re going to make this change.”

“Like Martin Luther King says we’re going to grow an unarmed truth and unconditional love,” said Robinson’s grandmother Sharon Irwin. “Because the only way out of this mess is going to be with peace and hundreds of thousands of us standing up and saying we’re done with this. We aren’t going to kill any more of our kids.”

 Organizers, including Dane County Boys and Girls Club CEO Michael Johnson say it is important for young people to hear a unifying message as the community waits to hear Ozanne’s decision.

To carry that message there was lots of music, including Madison rapper Romey, letting kids know no matter how small the city, big dreams were possible.  Also Hollywood powers, like actor Tristin Wilds of 90210 fame, facilitating a panel discussion with youth to produce change.

“The big things were going to talk about today are respect, unity and accountability,” Wilds said.  “Something we all need to learn a little bit more about.”

 The event ended by challenging the estimated 1,500 young people attending to make a difference in their community.