Tony Evers calls for 10 percent cut for individuals making $100,000 or less

Tony Evers calls for 10 percent cut for individuals making $100,000 or less

Democratic gubernatorial candidate and state schools chief Tony Evers announced Sunday that, if elected, he would cut income taxes by 10 percent for individuals making less than $100,000 and for families making up to $150,000.

Evers’ announcement comes after Wisconsin Republicans, including incumbent Gov. Scott Walker, have warned in campaign ads that the Democratic challenger would raise taxes.

Evers said the income tax cut would provide $340 million in relief to lower and middle-class families, who make up about 86 percent of filers.

“Too many Wisconsin families have been working multiple jobs while facing stagnant wages, soaring healthcare costs, and no solution to student loan debt,” Evers said in a statement. “They deserve better. Middle class Wisconsin families deserve a tax code that puts them first.”

Evers said the tax cut would not add to the deficit and would be paid for “by cutting wasteful spending, ending duplicative programs, and phasing out Walker’s millionaire and corporate welfare giveaway.”

Officials with the Walker campaign have said Evers’ plan are still unclear.

“Scott Walker is the only candidate with a proven record of easing our tax burden–he eliminated an eitre tax bracket, income taxes were cut across the board and stand lower today than in 2010,” Austin Altenburg, a spokesperson for Friends of Scott Walker said in a statement.