Toilet paper rolls make cute, recycled gift boxes

Toilet paper rolls make cute, recycled gift boxes

I don’t like spending more on wrapping paper and decorations than I do on the actual gift. The holidays are coming up so I decided to give a DIY gift box project a try.

The Pinterest posts I found said all I needed to make some cute gift boxes was some toilet paper rolls and anything that could be used to decorate them. Making the actual box looks and sounds a lot easier than it is. The posts say to fold the edges of the round tube in until it creates a closure, but I came across a couple different issues. Some of my toilet paper rolls ripped while I was trying to fold them and others just bent in ugly ways. Basically, I got them to do what I wanted them to do, but they didn’t look nearly as nice as the ones on Pinterest.

As for the decorations, I used some twine I got on super clearance at Target, some small segments of ribbon I got in the dollar section at Target and double-sided tape. The first one I made turned out pretty ugly, but I was experimenting. The other four were cuter, but definitely not as nice as the ones on Pinterest.

A couple words of warning: The toilet paper roll gift boxes aren’t extremely sturdy, so if you are transporting something heavier, it would be a good idea to tape or glue the ends shut. I also tried using the twine to keep the ends closed, and that worked really well! The only other issue was the size of the gift box. Other than candy and chapstick, there aren’t many gifts that would fit in these little boxes.

Pinterest do or don’t? My finished products were cute, but didn’t look as nice as the ones on Pinterest. Since I made them, some of my friends can probably expect to see them incorporated into their Christmas presents, but I don’t think I would take the time to specifically make them to hand out gifts. However, since I am not the biggest fan of crafting and I’m not good at artsy things, I might not be the best person to ask if this particular craft was worth it! All-in-all, they are cute little DIY projects that would be good for small party favors or holiday gifts if you want to put the time and effort in to making them.

— Hannah