Tips, tricks for surviving ‘Hippie Christmas’

Tips, tricks for surviving ‘Hippie Christmas’

Across the isthmus thousands of residents, many of them students, are moving out of their old apartments and into new ones this weekend. 

It’s a time of year known to many locals as “Hippie Christmas,” due to the many free, abandoned household items that can be found lining downtown curbs.

The Tenant Resource Center lists some tips for how to avoid common inconveniences:

Clean up. It sounds simple, but many people get charged for cleaning costs if they do not return their residence to a move-in ready state. Make sure to take pictures in case a dispute arises. If the apartment you are moving into is dirty, call your landlord. If that doesn’t work, talk to the Tenant Resource Center to learn about your options.  Remove any furniture and property you aren’t taking with you. Landlords often write moving fees into leases which require you to pay for the movement and disposal of items left behind.  Recycle. Donate items instead of simply throwing them away. There are plenty of organizations in town that establish downtown drop-off sites for used items.  Think twice before picking up furniture and bedding from the curb. This practice is notorious for spreading bed bugs, which are hard to notice in the first place. Always fill out a check-in sheet when moving into a new apartment and take pictures in case a dispute arises.  Always get written permission for any alterations you make to a new residence (painting, carpet replacements, etc). 

For more information visit or call (608) 257-0006.