Time For A Better Farm Bill

The future of healthy farms and food rests on Congressional action now.
Time For A Better Farm Bill



I can think of no better time than Thanksgiving Week to turn our attention to this nation’s farm policies and the need to invest in the future of healthy farms, food and people. That’s the message from Madison’s REAP Food Group, one of nearly 60 groups nationally advocating for a better farm bill this week. We support the effort and we urge you to join in by writing to your elected representative.

We need a bill that enhances the economic power of local and organic food and small businesses to ensure access to fresh, healthy food for all, including school kids and folks in need, while protecting the environment and reforming farm subsidies. These goals are all inter-related and dependent on each other to create sustainable food systems and produce food that is good, clean and fair. Future Thanksgivings depend on action today. We can’t let this Congress ignore the issues any longer. It’s time for a better farm bill.