Thursday low temps could reach 100-year record

Sunday high temps will reach middle 40s for first time since Nov. 10
Thursday low temps could reach 100-year record

Low temperatures may fall to near-record levels Thursday morning and afternoon.

Snow flurries will end Wednesday night, and skies will turn partly cloudy overnight. Temperatures should fall to the upper single digits by morning. The low temperature could be close to the record low temperature of 5 degrees set exactly 100 years ago.

During the day on Thursday, high temperatures will only climb to the upper teens. The record coldest high temperature for Nov. 20 is 15 degrees, which was set back in 1872. Temperatures probably will be just above the record by late afternoon.

Low temperatures will be even colder on Friday morning, bottoming out just above zero. However, the record cold temperature for Nov. 21, 5 degrees below zero, set in 1880, will probably not be reached.

Temperatures on Friday afternoon should climb to the middle 20s.

As precipitation develops later Friday night, there is the potential for light snow, sleet and freezing rain to occur. Once temperatures near the ground warm up above freezing on Saturday, the precipitation will change to drizzle and light rain showers.

On Sunday, high temperatures will reach the middle 40s for the first time since Nov. 10. As the storm system moves through the state, occasional rain is likely, probably melting much, if not all of the snow that will be on the ground at the beginning of the weekend.

As the storm moves northeast on Monday, a cold front will sweep through southern Wisconsin. As temperatures fall through the 30s, rain will mix with and change to snow by late afternoon or evening.

Some snow accumulation is possible through Monday night, although at this point totals are expected to be light, probably in the 1-3 inch range.

After a blustery and cold Tuesday with snow showers and flurries and a quiet and cold Wednesday, another storm may affect us from Thanksgiving Day into Black Friday. Although it’s quite a ways out, there is a potential for snow and rain on Thanksgiving, possibly changing to all snow on Friday. However, there is a lot of uncertainty as to where this storm will eventually track and the amount of precipitation, and temperatures will be critical as to the type of precipitation.

If you are planning travel around the Thanksgiving holiday, please monitor our updated forecasts, as the potential for a storm does exist.