Thousands of UW Health employees urge people to follow coronavirus guidelines in open letter to Wisconsin


MADISON, Wis. — In an open letter to Wisconsin, several thousand UW Health faculty and staff signed a statement urging Wisconsinites to “work with us to get through the pandemic.”

In the letter, employees called Wisconsin family, saying that “sometimes you have to have hard conversations with your family,” and “like many families facing a crisis, we can rally together and take action to get through this one.”

The statement said employees are seeing many patients struggling to fight the virus inside hospitals and are hearing of large gatherings without masks that could “send even more people to our already very full COVID-19 units,” including Thanksgiving plans.

“Wisconsin is in a bad place right now with no sign of things getting better without action. We are, quite simply, out of time,” the statement said. “Without immediate change, our hospitals will be too full to treat all of those with the virus and those with other illnesses or injuries.”

The letter reminded people that coronavirus protocols will not need to be followed forever, but as long as we await a vaccine that will help return some sense of normalcy we must work to protect one another.

“Soon you or someone you love may need us, but we won’t be able to provide the lifesaving care you need, whether for COVID-19, cancer, heart disease or other urgent conditions,” the spread said. “As health care providers, we are terrified of that becoming reality.”

The letter urged people to avoid gatherings, wear a mask and wash their hands often to protect both themselves and the people around them.