Thousands celebrate Waunakee’s 150th anniversary at Waunaboom celebration

WAUNAKEE, Wis. – Thousands visited Waunakee’s Ripp Park for the fifth ever “Waunaboom” celebration Sunday.

The event, canceled in 2020, coincided with Waunakee’s 150th anniversary as a Wisconsin village.

Waunakee is a very open community striving always to be better with everything we do,” said Village President Chris Zellner. “This event brings our community together.”

Featuring two bands, a rock wall, animals, food vendors and more, Zellner said Sunday’s event was a celebration not only of America’s independence and Waunakee’s anniversary, but one of returning to life.

When I get up on stage, I’ll announce to go introduce yourself to a couple people because you might find a lifelong friend, and you might find someone who lives on the opposite side of town that you might just made friends with,” he said. 

After not seeing everybody out last year, everyone’s hungry to come out and be a community again,” said Ryan Mayrand. “So many have sacrificed so much, so it’s meaningful for us as Americans and Wisconsinites to come out and acknowledge that.”

With COVID, it was a challenge for everybody within our community, not just here but across the state, across the country, across the world,” Zellner said. “We invite people to come to Waunakee and heck out what we have.”