Thompson’s latest ad calls Baldwin a liar

Ad relies on PolitiFact ratings
Thompson’s latest ad calls Baldwin a liar

Republican Tommy Thompson’s latest ad in the Wisconsin Senate race accuses his Democratic opponent Tammy Baldwin and her supporters of lying.

The ad released statewide on Monday refers to a rating last month by the independent fact-checking group PolitiFact declaring as “false” comments made in a television spot by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

However, a tally of PolitiFact ratings of what the candidates themselves have said shows Baldwin fares better than Thompson.

Baldwin has gotten only one “false” rating, three “mostly false” ratings, two “half true,” one “mostly true” and one “true.”

Thompson’s statements have been rated false six times. He’s also received three ratings of “pants on fire,” which is determined to be an egregious lie.

Thompson has received three “true” ratings and five “mostly true.”