Thompson says he’s optimistic about Senate race

Former gov. has logged 1200 miles in the past 3 days
Thompson says he’s optimistic about Senate race

Republican Tommy Thompson is expressing optimism about his chances in the race for the U.S. Senate against Democrat Tammy Baldwin.

While Thompson was talking about the race Monday on WTMJ-AM radio in Milwaukee, Baldwin was speaking at a rally for President Barack Obama in Madison before tens of thousands of people.

Thompson said he has logged 1,200 miles in the last three days and “the excitement is there.” He says polls showing him behind to Baldwin do not pick up the enthusiasm he sees in the Republican base.

Baldwin said the election offers a choice between two visions of America, and she and Obama are fighting for the middle class.

She urged those at the rally to get out and vote on Tuesday.

On Monday, Thompson made a campaign stop right across the street from Lambeau Field. It was his third stop the day before the election.

Thompson says he’s optimistic about Senate race

Thompson told a couple hundred supporters that Tuesday is the day to turn things around.

“Our country, ladies and gentlemen, has gone through four years where we’ve had a leader that cannot lead and a government that does not work,” Thompson said.

Thompson spent Monday going around the state with Gov. Scott Walker.

Walker said the election is about America’s next generation.

“I look at the last four years and it scares me to death to think somehow, four years from now, when my son Matthew is out looking for a job after he graduates from college, that he might live in an America where the chances of finding that job are pretty slim,” Walker said.

Walker and Thompson painted Baldwin as a do-nothing congresswoman. Thompson said he can change Washington’s ways to help Wisconsinites he’s talked to on the campaign trail.

“The businesspeople said we can’t wait to start investing more in our business because at least we know with Romney/Ryan and with you, Tommy, we know you’re going to get the job done. You’re going to get the government moving, and you’re going to start creating jobs in America,” Thompson said.

Thompson will vote Tuesday morning on Madison’s east side and will go to suburban Milwaukee to watch the election results.