‘This will happen’: Cancer patient aims to raise $50K for breast cancer research by 50th birthday

Kristie Konsoer is looking ahead to May, when her birthday will mark a milestone.

“I call it Nifty Fifty,” Konsoer said.

Her 50th birthday comes eight years after her metastatic breast cancer diagnosis.

“I’m very grateful to still be here,” Konsoer said, adding that the median life expectancy after a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis is between two and three years.

“I was still teaching in the classroom at that time,” she said. “I wanted to stay with that, obviously much, much longer.”

Now focusing on her health, the former second-grade teacher misses the classroom, as well as times shared with her mother.

“My mother, she also passed away in 2013 from metastatic breast cancer,” Konsoer said. “Throughout all of the time with and her and with myself, it just seems this has been building and building and building and this is the next part of what I feel I need to do.”

Konsoer is planning to raise $50,000 for metastatic cancer treatment research by her 50th birthday.

Kristie Konsoer knows how important research is for metastatic breast cancer — she’s dealing with it herself and lost her mother to it. That’s why she’s aiming to raise $50K (!!) by her 50th bday next year for @UWCarbone ���@WISCTV_News3 https://t.co/t4ZP2HMVXl pic.twitter.com/wFPiHaejhb

— Madalyn O’Neill (@news3madalyn) October 23, 2019

“‘Ambitious’ has been used a couple times,” she said. “It’s pretty much my own show.”

Konsoer said less than 10% of general money raised for breast cancer goes to research for metastatic or Stage Four cancer. Stage Four means the cancer has spread.

“It’s all important, but the cancer that kills people is metastatic cancer, and that is where more research funding needs to go,” she said, adding that the research could lead to treatments for people like her.

Konsoer has a bobblehead version of herself, calling it her “Super K bobblehead to help give me some of those superpowers.”

Luckily, she’s built up some of those powers already.

“You meet rejection and criticism and anxieties and doubts and hard work and persistence, and I’ve experienced all those with this,” Konsoer said.

Through social media, public speaking and events, Konsoer has no doubt she’ll reach her goal. Her ambition runs hand in hand with hope.

“I guess I just do not understand the word ‘no’ very easily,” she said. “My energy is that this will happen.”

Once it happens, she’ll set her sights on the next milestone.

“Hopefully, it’s going to go past my 50th birthday,” Konsoer said.

The money raised will go toward the More for Stage Four Fund at the UW Carbone Cancer Center.
Konsoer has an event at Barriques in Middleton from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday, when attendees can place donations to vote on the best jack-o’-lanterns. She said she will continue to plan events in the months before her birthday.

To donate, visit this website.

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