‘This really is an all-hands-on-deck moment’: City of Madison lauded for energy efficiency, sustainability efforts

MADISON, Wis. — City of Madison leaders accepted an award Thursday acknowledging the city’s efforts to create a more environmentally friendly and sustainable city.

Presented by Focus On Energy — an organization that partners with local utility providers and municipalities around the state to promote renewable energy and increased efficiency — the Excellence in Energy award is meant to recognize city projects from the past year that promote sustainability, including an ongoing remodel of Metro Madison’s maintenance facility.

“The work that we’re doing in the city is rooted in the need to make an impact on climate change; to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. The city has made a commitment to reduce emissions from our facilities by 2030, to be 100% renewable energy by 2030, but we’ve also made a commitment to have our entire community reduce emissions by 2050,” Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway said. “There’s no way we get there without programs like Focus on Energy.”

Since 2015, the city has used funds from Focus on Energy to put toward various projects running the gamut in scope and scale. To date, Focus on Energy has given the city $1.1 million in financial incentives for various projects.

During her remarks, Rhodes-Conway stressed how important she and other local leaders believe it is for everyone in the Madison community to adopt more sustainable practices, many of which are achievable with help from Focus on Energy’s financial resources.

“This really is an all-hands-on-deck moment,” Rhodes-Conway said. “We’re very proud of the work that we do in the city, but we know we’re doing it because it’s so important for our planet and for our community, and for our long-term future.”