This is where your senator, representative stands on impeachment

U.S. Capitol
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Members of the House of Representatives continue to debate the articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, including lawmakers representing voters across southern Wisconsin.

Rep. Mark Pocan represents Madison and the area south and west of the capital city. He spoke with News 3 Now after speaking on the House floor, saying this is a somber time for Congress.

“If there were witnesses that could say the president’s innocent, he didn’t allow anyone to come and testify. That doesn’t pass the Wisconsin smell test. That’s not what innocent people do. You should be giving them a ride to come and present their cases, and that didn’t happen,” Pocan said. “So I think the real difference is no one is actually saying the president is innocent here. They just want to talk about everything else around it.”

In an interview with News 3 Now, Sen. Tammy Baldwin explained the Senate’s unique role in the process, noting if the articles of impeachment were taken to trial, her oath would be similar to one taken by a juror in court. Additionally, Trump would be able to call his own witnesses.

“I believe that they should produce witnesses that they’ve withheld. I certainly feel that if the president maintains his innocence, then he should have no fear of witnesses coming forward,” Baldwin said.

Rep. Bryan Steil, who represents former House Speaker Paul Ryan’s old district, tweeted that “the American people should decide if a president should remain in office, not a handful of partisan politicians in Washington.”

Today, I will be voting against impeachment. There is an election in less than a year. The American people should decide if a president should remain in office, not a handful of partisan politicians in Washington.

— Bryan Steil (@RepBryanSteil) December 18, 2019

An additional statement from Steil’s press office said:

“After reviewing the articles of impeachment against President Trump, my position remains unchanged. I will be voting against the articles when they come to the House floor. This impeachment inquiry has divided the country and jeopardized Congress’ ability to focus on the real issues impacting Americans.”

On the House floor Wednesday, Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner called the articles “phony,” saying Democrats just want to influence the 2020 elections. Additionally, he called one of the articles “a bunch of bunk.”

“Unlike the Nixon and Clinton cases, there is no allegation that the president has committed a crime. We’ve had almost three years of non-stop investigations. We’ve had the Mueller report, we’ve had the Schiff investigation, we’ve had the Nadler investigation. And at no time is there any evidence the Donald J. Trump violated any criminal statute of the United States.”

Sensenbrenner represents Wisconsin’s 5th District, including parts of Jefferson County and Dodge County.

Rep. Glenn Grothman, whose district covers part of Columbia County, listed off various things the president is “hated for” when speaking on the House floor Wednesday.

“President Trump’s judges stick to the Constitution. He’s disliked for that. President Trump is keeping his campaign promises, and you hate him for that,” Grothman said.

Republican Rep. Glenn Grothman lists why Democrats ‘hate’ Trump during @ImpeachmentDay debate. Democratic Rep. Nadler responds: ‘We do not hate President Trump’ but adds he remains a threat to the nation’s security, democracy and the constitutional system

— Reuters (@Reuters) December 18, 2019

As of Wednesday morning, District 3 Rep. Ron Kind, who represents voters in Platteville and Richland Center, had not said whether he would vote to impeach Trump.

Rep. Kind voted yes on both articles of impeachment, releasing a statement Wednesday night that said, in part:

“I took an oath of office, not to any political party or person, but to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States – and it’s an oath I take seriously. It’s why I”ve supported impeachment inquiries into both Presidents Clinton and Trump – the only member of Congress to do so.”

Read my thoughts on tonight’s votes below

— Rep. Ron Kind (@RepRonKind) December 19, 2019

Sen. Ron Johnson spent Wednesday in a hearing regarding the Department of Justice Inspector General’s latest report. His communications director said in an email: “Impeachment isn’t the news on Capitol Hill today. DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz had some bombshell things to say during his testimony in front of Sen. Johnson’s committee today.”

That report at the center of the committee hearing determined there were procedural errors made in the FBI’s investigation into possible ties between Trump’s campaign and Russian interference in the 2016 election. The report also found no political bias by the agency, and concluded the FBI was justified in launching it.

Johnson said in his opening statement that the investigation should have been shut down within the first few months of 2017.

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