‘This is what you pay for’: Despite loss, season ticket holders relish chance to see NFC Championship in person

GREEN BAY, Wis. – Despite the Packers falling 31-26 to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Sunday’s NFC Championship matchup, Packer fans who saw the game in person say it was a once in a lifetime experience.

“We’ve been telling people that we’re going,” said Michael Wolters.  “They can’t believe it. They were saying you tell your kids about this kind of stuff.”

Just 8,500 people total were allowed into Lambeau Field for Sunday’s game.

“You think about COVID, how empty the stadium is going to be,” Wolters said. “I don’t think you’re ever going to see another NFC Championship with Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady again.”

Prior to the game, fans devised ways to make their voices heard despite the limited capacity crowd.

“The megaphone is representing the other 70,000 (people),” said Bob LeCaptain. “We’re going to have to make up for the other 70,000 that cant be there. What I call 70,000 of my best friends.”

Even fans who didn’t have a ticket still made a point to tailgate near the stadium.

“This is one game away from the Super Bowl,” said Calleb Zyduck, who had set up a tailgate tent with family. “This is minus the Super Bowl, the largest game of the season. So we’re going to go all out…We’d love to be at Lambeau. We’d love to have all of Green Bay just packed, but you deal with what you can.”


Even with the limited crowd, some fans of the opposing team also made their way inside.

“The red color does not go with the green, so it’s like, they’ll see us from a mile away, but that’s okay,” said Vince Vitali. “So far everyone’s been really great and really friendly.”

“The reason why we’re season ticket holders is because of games like this,” LeCaptain said. “My old man and I have talked about this for years. We will never give up tickets like this. We don’t ever sell our tickets on the secondary market, because this is the opportunity. This is what you pay for. You got to represent. This is the game.”