‘This is once in a lifetime’: Fans part of history as Bucks defeat Suns in Game 4

MILWAUKEE – Rain or shine, Bucks or Suns, thousands of fans made their way to the Deer District to support their team.

“No one thinks little cities will do something big like this,” said Milwaukee resident Nancy Reed.

“The energy here is amazing,” her friend Melissa Jenks said.

Prior to the Milwaukee Bucks winning 109 to 103 over the Phoenix Suns, fans said the city has been taken over by Bucks fever.

“The best part is it’s bringing everybody together in ways that our community hasn’t been brought together before,” their friend Shanna Sullivan said.

“I love that we can all get together and do something positive,” Reed said. “It’s so diverse. It’s so awesome.”

Justin McAfee now lives in Nebraska, but still calls Milwaukee home, happy to bring his son to see the game.

“It means everything,” McAfee said. “To be able do this with my son, make a memory he’ll never forget, I love it. Everything about it, I love it.”

Ron Giordan now lives in Wisconsin, but his heart is with the Suns. He grew up in Arizona before coming to Wisconsin in 1992 to go to Marquette.

“I’ve been waiting my whole life for Phoenix to win. The Suns were the only team or the only thing that I had, only thing we had in Phoenix,” Giordan said. “If the Bucks win, I’ll still be happy. I don’t want them to win, but if the Bucks win it’ll be great for Wisconsin, great for Milwaukee, but you always stick with your home team.”

Regardless of who won, fans knew they were part of history.

“This is once in a lifetime,” Sullivan said.