Think Local For Holiday Shopping

Support Dane Buy Local member businesses.
Think Local For Holiday Shopping



It’s entrenched in the popular culture – for better or for worse – and we won’t fight it. The holiday shopping season starts too soon and Black Friday doesn’t appeal to us. But it is what it is and once again it’s probably good for our economy and we WANT it to be good for our local economy so here’s our opinion: when you buy, buy local. Certainly think local and buy local as much as you can.

If you do, for the most part you’ll be helping Dane County’s small businesses which comprise a major part of the county’s local economy. Or think of it this way: seventy-three dollars of every one hundred spent at a locally owned business stays in the local economy, compared with forty-three dollars from a hundred spent at other businesses. The ripple effect of those dollars benefits a chain of businesses as well as local governments and the services they provide. Look for members of Dane Buy Local and help your community by keeping your holiday spending as local as possible. Happy shopping.