Think big, do redevelopment of Alliant Energy Center right

Think big, do redevelopment of Alliant Energy Center right

The outdated and under-used Alliant Energy Center is arguably the most important redevelopment opportunity in Dane County today.

The 164-acre campus, including the Coliseum, Arena, Exhibition Hall, pavilions, Willow Island and parking is brimming with potential for events, recreation and more.

It could have a significantly greater economic impact for the entire region. And perhaps more importantly it could be a catalyst for investment in the entire John Nolen Drive, Park Street, south Madison corridor.

An Alliant Energy Center Vision and Implementation Framework prepared by the highly respected and always reliable planning firm Vandewalle and Associates will be unveiled on Monday.

It’s bold and it’s exciting. It will require inter-governmental collaboration, never a sure bet. It will take a robust and confident funding strategy. But we can’t afford turf battles or timidity or small idea thinking here. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Let’s think big and do this right.