‘Things come full circle’: Vinyl expected to outsell CDs

‘Things come full circle’: Vinyl expected to outsell CDs

As shoppers are finding last-minute gifts, there’s one nostalgic gift option that’s making a comeback.

For the first time since 1986, vinyl records are poised to outsell CDs this year, according to a report from the Recording Industry Association of America.

“People are passionate, they’re excited about music,” Strictly Discs owner Angie Roloff said. “(Customers) share as much with us as we do with them. We’re lucky that way.”

The holidays are about connecting with others – and also the stress of gift buying.

“I think we’re a last-minute society, all scrambling,” Roloff said.

“Always, up until midnight Christmas Eve, probably,” customer Ken Raboin agreed.

Strictly Discs on Monroe Street also helps you get closer to your music.

“Vinyl feels more tangible and feels like a deeper connection to the artist and music,” Roloff said.

While the shop has racks and racks of records and CDs, Roloff says they offer 25,000 pieces of used vinyl.

“We definitely lean heavy toward vinyl,” she said. “That seems to increase each year.”

“I’ve seen the vinyl section grow and grow and grow,” Raboin said.

That’s music to Raboin’s ears.

“I think it’s the physical aspect. You own something. There’s that nostalgia aspect. I think the sound is different. It’s not as clinical or compressed or dry,” Raboin said. “It’s not just the record, it’s what the record represents.”

Roloff has noted vinyl’s rising popularity over about the last decade.

“If you’d asked most of us 15 years ago if we’d be talking about this now, most of us would’ve said no, but yes, I think things come full circle,” Roloff said.

As the scales tip in favor of vinyl, its sales are expected to top that of CDs for the first time in nearly 30 years if the trend continues.

“I think there’s a time and place for both,” Roloff said.

For customers like Raboin, the connection to vinyl is timeless.

“I love it,” he said. “The more the better.”

While the RIAA’s report suggests record sales are on the rise as CD sales stay stagnant, streaming services still take up the majority of sales in the music industry.

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