‘They turned around, and he was gone’: 17-year-old’s mother explains how he fell from Castle Rock

High school junior dies after falling 150 feet
‘They turned around, and he was gone’: 17-year-old’s mother explains how he fell from Castle Rock
Family photo

The mother of a 17-year-old boy from Fennimore who fell from the hiking spot Castle Rock said it’s a place he and his friends often went when the weather was nice.

“He liked being out in nature and going up there and hiking,” his mom, Aimee Maples, said. “All the boys go up there like once a week practically.”

Aydin Mischel was a junior at Fennimore High School. Maples said he was very close to his twin brother, Weslee, and his best friend, for whom his mom serves as the guardian.

“The two of them are almost like backbone figures in Fennimore and in their school,” Maples said. “Everybody loves them.”

On Thursday night, Mischel and his friends climbed up to the top of Castle Rock.

“They were all up there, and their other good friends were with them,” Maples said. “It was a pretty good size group of them that have been inseparable since elementary school.”

His mother called Mischel a “prankster” and said he was known for trying to make everyone laugh, something he was trying to do on top of the hiking spot that night.

“He’s very well-known for joking around up there and pretending to fall,” Maples said. “He’s goofed around up there. There’s a walk-out ledge that everybody goes up to, and they had just gotten up there.”

Maples said she believes five teenagers were there at the time looking out across the scenery.

“They turned to talk toward the fire pit, I guess, and they just heard like a rock scraping away,” she said. “They turned around, and he was gone. They didn’t even see him fall.”

Mischel slipped from the top of the rock, causing him to fall an estimated 150 feet. His friends provided first aid and called 911 at 7:19 p.m.

Fennimore Fire and EMS responded along with MedFlight 2, but were unable to revive Mischel. He died at the scene.

For those who don’t know him, Mischel’s mom described him as sweet, good-spirited and a fierce animal lover.

“Aydin was by far one of the most spectacular young men on the planet,” she said.

Jane Wonderling, district administrator of Fennimore Community Schools, said counselors and clergy would be available Friday and Monday for anyone in need of support during this tragic time.

“We are a small, rural district and everyone knows him, and truly, his friends and peers will miss him so much and our entire family at Fennimore schools will,” Wonderling said.

She said Mischel had a “bright future ahead of him.”

He was taking extra college credit classes and was planning on attending University of Wisconsin-Stout after he finished high school.

“Aydin was all tech. He was all computers,” his mom added.