‘They need us still’: Mail carriers battle freezing cold temperatures this week

VERONA, Wis.– This week is putting that old motto to the test: neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, but it doesn’t mention arctic cold. That’s basically what letter carriers are battling each day to get you important documents and packages.

Those bitter cold temperatures don’t bother Brady Gilles much.

“People will think I’m insane,” Gilles said. “I actually do prefer the cold.”

After two winters delivering mail in Wisconsin, he knows layering up is a big part of the job.

“A t-shirt, work shirt, sweat shirt, and then of course the winter parka,” Gilles said.

On a bad day, snow and ice can slow Gilles’ route down by 45 minutes.

“If the snow is fresh, we can’t really see the dips and flows of people’s yards, and then the ice, with all the slipping and body injuries that come along with it,” Gilles said.

That’s why he needs you to remember the three S’s.

“Shoveling, snow blowing, salting would be the best thing that people could do to just help us out to make our job just that much safer and a lot more time efficient, as well,” Gilles said.

While you’re clearing the sidewalks, Gilles said remember to make sure to dig your mailbox out.

“At least 10 to 15 feet on each side so we can safely approach it,” Gilles said.

Although Gilles doesn’t mind braving the cold, he knows that’s not the case for everyone on his route.

“Medications is the biggest one we deliver. Food for people who can’t physically get out and go to the store,” Gilles said. “I have a few people on my route who have physical disabilities that rely on us to bring their stuff right to the door. They need us still.”

The United States Postal Service has not posted any service interruptions for cold weather in Wisconsin.