‘These have been little miracles’: 6-month-old gets vaccinated after severe case of COVID-19

MADISON, Wis. — When her 6-month-old baby Sylvia recently got a severe case of COVID-19, Florence Edwards-Miller of Madison knew she wanted to get her vaccinated.

“Having had an infant with COVID, I have got to say that was really scary, lying there listening to your baby cough, making sure that her next breath comes okay…(it was) way, way scarier than getting her vaccinated,” Edwards-Miller said.

Her whole family recently caught COVID-19, but Sylvia seemed to get it the worst. She had to be taken to the doctor’s office to get steroids to help her recover.

“Big sister had just been boosted, so she just got a sniffle, but Sylvia got pretty sick,” Edwards-Miller said. “She had a lot of symptoms and actually had some trouble breathing, she got croup, which I didn’t even know was a side effect that you could get from COVID,” Edwards-Miller said.

Sylvia is now vaccinated after getting her first shot on Tuesday. Her family says they would have done it sooner but had to wait for her to reach the 6-months-old benchmark to be eligible to get the vaccine. Edwards-Miller says they would have gotten Sylvia vaccinated even sooner if it was approved for infants younger than 6 months.

Dr. Bill Hartman of UW Health says the family took the proper steps in getting Sylvia vaccinated, even though she had already caught the virus.

“We do know it has offered a great deal of protection to these kids, at least so that they can go to camp, so they can go to school, so they can do the things that little kids need to do,” Dr. Hartman said. “These have really been little miracles in terms of being able to keep kids, keep adults, keep everyone out of the hospital.”

Sylvia got her COVID vaccine as part of a vaccination clinic hosted by the Children’s Museum, the 7th clinic of its kind the museum has hosted.

Although there aren’t any future dates that the Children’s museum has set for another vaccination clinic, you can stay up to date with any events they may have on their website.