‘There’s still good people out there’: Mom wants to thank man who jumped in Monona creek to save 5-year-old daughter

MONONA, Wis. — Cheri Cedarwall is looking for the man who jumped into a creek near Winnequah Park on Thursday to pull her 5-year-old daughter out of the water. She wants to personally thank him.

“It’s actually one of my biggest fears, something happening to one of my kids. It’s a parent’s worst nightmare. And thankfully I didn’t have to live that yesterday because of him,” said Cedarwall.

She said her children were at the park with their father. When he turned to unbuckle the youngest child, 5-year-old Amiyah ran through what looked like tall grass, but was actually a creek.

“Three seconds he had his back turned, and it happened in three seconds. That’s all it takes,” Cedarwall said.

Amiyah’s older brother Lamont said she went underwater, and couldn’t get her footing to stand up, when a man came out of nowhere.

“He was running super fast, he jumped in, grabbed Amiyah and came out,” said Lamont Nichols.

Although her family was able to thank him when it happened, Cedarwall wants to be able to thank him herself. She wants to tell him he’s a hero.

“It could’ve went really bad yesterday and I’m so thankful that he was here,” she said.

Cedarwall said hearing about what he did “restored a little bit of human kindness in this world.”

“I think we all need it. Considering what’s going on, there’s still good people out there.”

She hopes the man sees this story, and reaches out so she can also replace some of the belongings that he lost in the creek, including his shoes and possibly his glasses.